Terry J. Hetzel, CEO
1405 Springdale Lane
Green Bay 54304

Cell: 920-544-2511

Curiculum Available... 

Conflict Resolution/Consensus Building or Mediation:
Resolve disagreements and see opportunities for growth and working together.

Problem Solving and Decision Making:
Identify root causes and use appropriate processes to improve the situation.

Strategic Planning:
Develop a long range plan to help you achieve your highest priorities.

Vision, Mission & Goal Development:
Identify where you are going and how you will get there, because: "If you don't know which way you're going....any which way will do".

Ethics Training:
Understnd your ethical beliefs and others beliefs to develop your code.

Diversity Training:
Understand and create plans to embrace diverse people and others opinions.

Employment Training:
Develop policies for compliance with employment laws.

Customer Service Training:
Learn how to treat everyone as a customer and improve morale at the workplace.

Understand the various styles 0f listening, handling conflict and individual characteristics and how to work with those styles.


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