Terry J. Hetzel, CEO
1405 Springdale Lane
Green Bay 54304

Cell: 920-544-2511

About Terry....

Terry Hetzel has facilitated a variety of employee and management training sessions to her tribe (Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin) and throughout the United States since 1994.

She understand tribal laws, tribal people and the barriers departments and individuals face in the workplace.

Visions, cultural beliefs, quality principles, processes and practices are incorporated into the interactive on-site sessions.

Terry is certified to cover various training methods such as Franklin Covey materials which consist of: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Time Management and The Four Disciplines.

An average training or consulting session is three days and several topics are covered during those sessions. The sessions are four to sixteen hours, depending on the depth of training.

Training & Consulting Services Provided

Training is a learning process that involves a transfer of knowledge and ideas to help sharpen skills, introduce concepts, improve attitude or behaviors in order to enhance the performance of the people attending and their department.

When applied, training leads to improved performance and application of new ways to conduct business. Sessions can include people from all departments and does not focus on specific problems or solutions.

Consulting relies on developing a solution to the existing problems by discussing the concerns with leaders and providing a training solution to efficiently manage or operate a department or business. These sessions will focus on the specific needs of a department.

Consulting sessions work to resolve exisiting people, policy or systems problems. In a session, the group provides content and the facilitator guides them through processes. Policies, strategic plans, charters or other documents are drafted by the facilitator to guide future operations.

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